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Information from McConks regarding their - Save and learn – Get SUP Safe Initiative 

We’ve been working with our extensive network of clubs, schools and instructors to find a way of giving free lessons to customers who buy a board from us. It’s taken a while to figure out the logistics and the best way of achieving this. Final details are being ironed out, and will follow very shortly. But the broad principles are:

Each instructor, club, school etc that takes part in the initiative will get a unique voucher code

That voucher code gives you a 5% discount on the purchase of any new paddleboard from us (whether preorder or from current stock)

The voucher code also triggers a payment to them from McConks that covers the cost of an introductory safety session with them, or that you can use as a discount to an experience or longer session.

The logistics of organising the safety session are the responsibility of the customer and the instructor / school etc

We’re currently working with the instructors/businesses to sort out their voucher codes. They’ll be contacting their networks directly, and we’ll be promoting this via our recommended by McConks interactive map.