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SUP Polo Adult. SUP Polo is best described as a cross between stand up paddle boarding, water polo and lacrosse all played out on inflatable boards inside a swimming pool or outside court. 2 teams of three battle it out to retrieve the ball with specially made paddles and shoot or throw the ball into the goal at either end of the pool. You have got to use your paddle to get the ball into the net in order to score. Games are 10 minutes long, 5 minutes each way. A 1 hour session offers plenty of games and time to relax in the pool. Please arrive at 7PM to set up. Boards to be inflated pool side. If you are using your own board (inflatables only) please make sure it is clean. (No dirty boards will be allowed in the pool.) Please wear shorts and t-shirt/ swimwear. Please bring a drink.

  • Date: 27/01/2023 07:00 PM - 27/01/2023 08:45 PM
  • Location Hebron Hall, Dinas Powys, UK (Map)